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Oxford's MFoCS vs Cambridge's Part III


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I've recently received an offer from Oxford for the MFoCS program and am waiting for Cambridge's decision for the Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. Should I get an offer from Cambridge, which school should I pick? 


I am most interested in Category Theory and fields such as Algebraic Topology and Homological Algebra. Both schools offer a very good array of courses and house excellent academics in these areas... so its hard to decide.


Does anyone have any arguments to share against or in favour of one of these options?


Any insider information will also be much appreciated.


Thank you!

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[Current Part III Student]

I do not study the topics you mentioned, so my words may not be accurate.


There are often reading groups at Cambridge, and as far as I know there is one on homotopy type theory (aka Univalent Foundations) this term. These reading groups are open to Part III students (in fact Part III students are invited to join them).


But do note that things vary from year to year. This is particularly true for topics courses, as the choice of special topics depend very much on availability of faculty and visitors.

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