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High Q./ Low V. A.W.


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I got these scores for GRE: Q=170; V:144; W: 3.0;


I didn't study for the exam; I'm an international, and the verbal and writing section was hard for me.


Do you think I can get a funded PhD position in Electrical Engineering or CS in these universities:


Washington State U.

Johns Hopkins U.

U. of Rochester

U. of Utah


Do you offer any other?


I have also two submitted international conference papers, and one journal paper.



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Some schools will have minimum cutoffs that your scores may not meet, and you should look into that (it may not be public information though). They may worry about your English fluency with low verbal and writing scores. How is your TOEFL?

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Thank you for your reply.


My TOEFL score is: R:27/L:24/S:23/W:24 total:98.


I had an interview with one of my POI, he said that you can speak better that what your scores says.

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If you have a chance, you may try to retake the exam once again. Low verbal and writing scores are how many programs tend to filter international students especially in engineering.

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