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Do I have to wear a suit to an interview?


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I have an invitation to an interview weekend at a grad school in Charleston, SC. In the past, their website has reminded applicants that "there are more colors in the professional rainbow than blue and black" and to be yourself. Students typically wear business casual on a day to day basis. I really don't want to wear a suit, I have a formal skirt and sweater and pearls I want to wear. Would that be appropriate?

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This thread in the biology subforum has a lot of discussion about interviews, including what to wear:

To summarize, most people have said that a suit isn't necessary. Only wear one if that's you. Otherwise, nice-looking clothes are perfectly acceptable.

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That sounds pretty reasonable to me. The goal is just to look professional, not that you have to be dressed like a manager. And if the program's website explicitly states that they expect more colors than blue and black that's a good sign they don't want everybody showing up in a suit.

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