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Discussing an Ethical Conflict in the SOP


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I am currently reworking my SOP, and in one section of the prompt, I need to discuss an ethical conflict and how I resolved it:


The social work profession entails a set of core values, as well as a code of ethics. Recognizing the dignity and worth of the person, understanding the importance of human relationships, service and integrity are a few of the social work profession core values, which help to inform the NASW Code of Ethics. Describe a situation in which you were confronted with a value or ethical conflict. How did you resolve it?


What is the department looking for in a good response? Are they looking strictly for steps I took to see if I am familiar with certain protocol? My ability to handle stressful situations? Coping strategies? I am kind of at a loss :(


Any help would be surely appreciated!

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Basically, social work has values. What would you do if your personal values or beliefs conflicted with a professional obligation? Demonstrate this by referring to a conflict you were confronted with earlier and what you did to resolve it.

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Hi Tamburger,

I had a similar question. I answered a situation where my local Rotary Club was doing something that Rotary's bylaws SPECIFICALLY say is "unacceptable." I explained how the club's actions did not dignify the worth of human beings, was discriminatory and disrespectful. 


Like social work, Rotary has its own "code of ethics" and I described how I applied Rotary's code to address the situation, which ultimately resolved it.

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