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Hello everyone. Being student, we usually face study problems, sometime we look here and there for a friend to discuss those problems, sometime it turn into a fun but mostly we learn something good out of it. don't we? so why feeling the heat at exam night.. 
We decided to build something for us to help each other, why not we learn from our own experiences, our own mistakes, why not creating synergy... I am part of the team building a community forum for all the students Globally to share educational issues, also the exam tips. 
We will also have expert teachers there to guide us if there are emergency issues.. and this is all free. 
So how many of you think that it will help us and make difference in our depressing student lives.
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I think this sounds suspiciously like advertising spam for academic support services. 


I also think that going to people online for help with courses is much less effective than (a) going to the instructor, ( B) making friends at your school in your program and studying with them, or (c ) using the academic support services at your school. 

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