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Help - Emailing Faculty After Submitting Late Application


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Okay, so I'm in a pickle and it's my own fault.


I submitted an application after the deadline to one of the programs on my list. The website said that applicants are considered until March, but they have already sent out program invites and now I'm understandably antsy. My application has yet to move on from the grad admissions office to the department.


Should I go ahead and contact my POIs to see if they would still be interested in my application? I contacted one before about applying - before the deadline, at that - so I'm definitely afraid of annoying them with a second email.


However, in case I still do have a chance with them, I would like to remind them that I applied if my app takes forever through the admissions office - so what should I do?




This is all especially horrible because I really want to go there, but my late app makes it look as if it's a second choice school for me. If I received a clipped, "Nope, not even going to look at your app" reply, I might just die.  

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Similar experience here!


I uploaded some of my documents late and panicked like you. I immediately contacted the admissions office asking how this would affect my application, and then it turns out my application wasn't late after all because I paid the fee on time! Before I received that answer though, I also contacted my POI in a panic and honestly told her that I mixed up the deadlines and that I hope she would still consider me this year or next... but I wish I hadn't done that because she would've never known my mistake lol. She was very nice about it and said she'd consider me this and next year.


So have you already asked the admissions people to confirm the status of your application? Depending on their answer, you can figure out whether to actually email your POI... assuming the invites were sent by the program director. If the invites were sent by faculties, I have no idea if it would be wise or unwise to contact your POI about it... hopefully someone else have better advice for you if my case doesn't help >_<;;


Good luck!!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. You sent yours pretty close to the deadline though, right? I sent mine a whole month late - after being reminded of the deadline by one of my POIs. O_o


I paid my app fee and all of that and had most of my docs uploaded a week or two after the initial deadline, but then screwed up on my SOP. Apparently, there was some kind of error uploading it.

After failing to hear any word back from the school for weeks, I logged in and checked my app....only to find that it wasn't complete! 

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Oh yeah... I guess compared to yours, mine was closer to the deadline ><; .


The system sounds kind of buggy too... is it too late to thank that POI for reminding you? Either way, maybe you should call the admissions office for another application update. Then let your POIs know (and thank that one who reminded you again) it is considered a late application, but emphasize how much you want to attend the program without going overboard/wordy? Say something like "I hope you will still consider me" at the end, and hope that they reply with something that you can gauge their interest?! If your application isn't considered late, just let your POIs know you have submitted your application and that you look forward to hearing from them thank you for your consideration blablabla. Personalize each email a little, and I would make it a short email like, 4 sentences at most...


So that's what I'd do if I submitted a late application with my top choice ><. I don't think I could sleep or do anything properly if I didn't contact them at all, even if I ended up with a cold reply...

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