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Apply PhD: Low GPA with decent publications in MSE field


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Dear all sir:


I am an international student, low gpa(under: average score:almost 72 , total gpa: 2.75/4   ,     master: 3.3) is like a fish bone in my throat made me choke.


And I have published 3 decent SCI papers: 2 first author +1 second author in nanotechnology field, all impact factors are >3


I want to apply phd program in material science , target: 50~100 ranked universities.


And here is my question: low gpa with research experience.  Do I have a chance to get in the phd program? Or just let it go and forget it ?

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Your master's GPA is above 3.0, which is a good thing.  Valuable research experience can offset a GPA.  The key is to land an interview: make yourself look the best on your application, and you can explain your low GPA when you get there.  You never know unless you try.  Good luck!

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forget it bro. you said you wanted to apply for computer science else where and now your saying you want to apply for material science. Also don't directly translate Chinese slang into English. No one will understand you. If you really want to come to the US and work here, first polish your English! TOEIC 945 is nothing when your TOEFL sucks.

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