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Hi guys,



I'd prefer that my current workplace not know that I've applied to grad school until I'm ready to leave. However, I'd imagine that most schools would run an employment verification...does this mean that, if or when I accept a place at a school in April or so, my place of work will get a call from the school shortly after? Has anyone dealt with this before? I'd really rather not have this conversation with my bosses until a few months down the line...


Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I've never heard of them doing an employment verification. I think they care far more about your LORs and transcripts and will take you at face value when you say you've been working at xyz incorporated. If you've published something as a result of your employment (say in a trade journal or as a patent), they may hunt that down, but such is easily verifiable without ever contacting your current employer.

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I'm also unfamiliar with grad schools doing an employment verification. They would probably only contact your recommenders if they knew the person who wrote the letter. Otherwise, I don't think anyone really cares very much about where you worked or when.

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