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MSc.Finance in Germany .. need guidance .

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Hi all ,

I am Rahul from India . I am thinking of doing my MSC.Finance , from germany as most of the universities are govt. funded .

But i am not sure which universities are well known and are highly regarded , I tried gooling but it doesnt seem to be very useful .

I was only able to com across:

HRW berlin

Frankfurt school of finance and economics (sadly it has tution fee)

university of kiel

and university of ulm.


Would love it if someone could guide me regarding the universities there .





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Hi Karoku ,


Yes , i do meet the language requirement . 

Secondly , Well i dont think there any proper ranking for msc.finance in germany . Cause of which I am kinda confused . If you are aware of the ranking , do let m eknow 

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Here's a ranking of economics/econometrics departments in Europe. No rankings for finance, but I imagine finance rankings are highly correlated with economics / operations research.

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I would suggest you Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). I heard that students must work with one of the cooperated companies with the school, it is like an admission requirement, provides students job and experiences in their major, also it has no tuition as well :) 

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