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F1 Visa under sec 221g

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I ahd my F1 visa interview for MSCS at Georgia Tech on 21st jul. My passport and I20, sevis fee receipt ahve all been taken by the embassy and I was given pink slip and told that few more documents have to be mailed to Embassy for visa processing.

I sent the req docs on 22, again mail came for further docs, sent everything by 23 jul. right now my case is there on the list with pending status.

Is there any way i can speed up the process? My college starts on 17 aug and I have to register before that to be able to attend the fall semester!

Also, I previously had H4 visa on my passport which is valid till 2010, how can i contact the embassy and ask for my passport back so that if i dont get f1 i can travel on H4?


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First of all, you won't be able to attend classes on H4 anyway, so forget about this idea.

No, there is no way to speed up the process. You shouldn't have waited till end of July to go to the interview. I've heard that administrative processing usually takes no more than 3-4 weeks, so you might still get there before classes start.

If I were you, I would contact the university and inform them about your situation, because it is very likely that you won't be in time for orientation sessions, class registration deadlines or whatever. They would tell you how to deal with these problems.

And think about plane tickets as well.

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