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In Australia/New Zealand, international students are *generally* funded by their supervisor.  In Australia there are full Government-funded scholarship opportunities for International students, but I am not sure about New Zealand - you will have to research it. Try Google


Edit; supervisors/Universities from Aus/NZ generally wont expect you to pay for tuition fees or living with your own funds unless you offer to. If you get accepted it will most likely be because a supervisor can afford you.  Alternatively if you are in good contact with a supervisor (before or after acceptance), they will likely tell you which scholarships to apply to.

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I've started to threads in the IHOG; one specifically for NZ grad students in general and another for Americans going abroad. 
Personally, I applied for a project that I had interest in that was already fully funded; got an interview and was offered the scholarship a bit later. It's a government-funded grant, but it was offered by a specific research group.

Otherwise, check this out. You'll need a strong GPA (3.6/4.0 minimum), but it's a pretty standard source of government funding for internationals in NZ.


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