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Application rejected - then back to Pending


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Hello everyone.


I am in a somewhat tense situation. I have a high GRE of 335 and CGPA of 3.61. Therefore I applied to many of the best universities for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering(Berkeley, UCLA, UT Austin, Georgia Tech, for example). 


Yesterday after much waiting I finally got an email from Georgia Tech titled "Decision Available".


I logged in to the CollegeNET account. There I saw a "Decision Letter" which kindly informed me that I had been declined for admission. Now I was heartbroken because if I could not get admission with a GRE of 335 then what was it good for anyway?


But today when I logged in again to check, there was no decision letter, the option had disappeared and the status showed "Pending".


I do not know what to make of this.


Have any of you faced a similar situation? Do you think I was notified by mistake? Or that am I firmly rejected, only the system is having some problems in showing the letter?


Also, what are my chances of getting in to at least one program with my GRE score and CGPA?

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That is great, that they said it was an error, as it could mean you are indeed accepted. I would wait a bit longer, then if no email comes, contact them, and ask if there has been a problem with their server, since you had received an erroneous email earlier.

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Also, what are my chances of getting in to at least one program with my GRE score and CGPA?


That's such a difficult question to answer because applications are made up of so many more things than just your GRE scores and GPA. I can't answer to engineering fields, but for programs I applied to, those more objective measures on the application serve to filter out potential applicants rather than as the primary criteria for judging them.


As for the application decision, I'm glad that you're not rejected, but I would wait before contacting the professors directly. Good luck.

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