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Planning Clothes for Campus Visit


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Ok, so I know that this gets posted on here a lot, but everything I am finding is focused more towards females. I will be attending a campus visit at the end of the month and planning out my trip and what to wear once there. I have already been accepted and offered a financial aid package with T.A. position, but I want to leave a good impression on the faculty and everyone there. I'll be going for a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences: Microbiology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but coming from a small southern liberal arts college, I'm a little lost in some of the general niceties of these things. Thanks in advance to everyone for your responses and assistance.

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You can never go wrong for business casual.  What's the worst that happens? You're slightly overdressed?


Wear slacks/khakis and a button down. No tie, no jacket.

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Why not ask the department secretary of what is expected?  When I got an invite to my top choice's interview/recruitment weekend, I asked the department secretary of the expected attire for the weekend.


However, I will echo Edge's suggestion with going for business casual.

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