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UCSD ECE-ComputerE vs CMU BIC. Decision Decision Decision.


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[i'm sorry for my double-posting in Computer Science section. I realized today that this is the right place for this post]


Well, I consider myself very luck to be admitted to these two programs, both being among the best CE programs.

However I am not able to make my mind.

My BS is not in CS but I did do a lot of CS courses like C, data structure and operating system. 

My goal after MS is to find a job as SDE in top tech firms (Big or startup).


First of all, either program is pure-CS: 

ECE-CE, a 1.5 year program, five semesters, requires 4 ECE classes, I will be able to take 8~10 CS classes.

BIC, a 2 year program, four quarters, is under school of CS, requires 4 Bio-related classes, I will be able to take 5~6 CS classes, and a CS capstone project which will took a semester.


For BIC:

+ Great reputation.

+ Great alumni network.

+ Great job perspective.

o Relatively new program, about 40 or so student per year.

o High workload. Ever since I started school, I tend to avoid this kind of study environment. I think my personality    prefers the kind of lay-back but learn at my own pace way. 

o Higher cost, which is not too much of a deal for me.

-  Full 2 year program.

-  Doesn't like the winter. Honestly nothing about the weather I like. But I guess this won't be too much of a thing    since I'll only stay there for two yrs. But heck who know.

-  No university housing, which sometimes can be a headache: higher rent for a lesser living environ.



+ Great program, small student size (about 80 or so M.S per year for ECE department, And I'm only in CE track).

+ Great location, CA, career fair will be good. and there will be three of them per year.

+ Great weather, lower cost

+ 1.5 year program.

+ University housing. From what I heard, UCSD graduate housing is a little bit cheaper than rent a outside              apartment, and the living condition is a little bit better.

-  CE ranking is lower than CMU. (US News 12 vs 2). The only downfall..



To be honest, I'm really leaning over to UCSD program, since I already spent four years of BS in a chilly, windy, inland city.

But at the same time, turning down an education from the most prestigious CS university somehow struck me as a bad bad idea... :<


They say that once you got a offer from top companies, no one will ever care where you come from. 

So as I'm finishing this post, I realized that what I'm not so sure is the impact of choosing a slightly lower ranked program to my future job perspective and my ability to step-up and succeed in a SDE career.


Thanks everyone for your opinions!

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