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Finally, some action.


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After months of silence, I've finally seen some signs of life. One of my POIs sent me a message to let me know that I've made it past the first round of application reviews. I still don't expect a decision very soon but it's nice to know that the wheels are turning. Although it's far from a sure thing, it's a huge relief to know that my application is competitive enough to warrant further discussion.

Hang in there everyone, we're moving into the later stages of this hellish process. This will be an interesting and stressful month but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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I'm lucky in that I've already got an admit and some rejections. so, at least I know where I'm NOT going (no longer going to be living in Cambridge, and definitely not moving to the Bay Area), but it's weird to be a limbo mode where I'm beginning to look at housing and buying a car near my lone admit but can't commit to anything there quite yet ...


I really feel for the people who have spouses and families of their own whose futures are also dependent on this process. it's tough enough as a single girl!


keep your heads up, everybody.

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