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Reapplying to the same program after being rejected?


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How do departments look at reapplicants, and are you at a significant disadvantage reapplying to the same program than you would be applying for the first time with the same credentials? I was rejected from a few programs I was interested in (despite getting interviews at other similarly ranked programs, making me think my application wasn't totally uncompetitive and it was more a matter of fit). If I, for example, get more research experience relevant to the department, improve my GRE, etc., how would this be viewed?

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Do you think it's appropriate to contact your POI(s) and ask what the issues were with this year's application, and if there is a realistic chance to be admitted given improvement in certain areas? This seems like it might put the POI in an awkward situation, but it would also be useful information. (It's also possible they would just refuse to comment on something like this.)

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