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Intent To Enroll: Before or After Scholarship Interview?


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Hi everyone,


I got really ballsy and only applied to one school for my M.A, because I was restricted by finances and geography. I was accepted SUPER early (apps aren't due until the end of the month and I was admitted a week ago). This apparently means I am a top candidate, and I have a scholarship interview set for early March. Scholarships range from $5k/year to a full ride with benefits and a stipend.


I'm going to attend this program no matter what. My parents have agreed to take out loans to cover what isn't covered by aid--education is important since I am a first generation college student and this is an extremely prestigious university. 


My question is, do I submit my statement of intent to enroll NOW, or do I wait? I am worried that they won't want to give a student their only full ride +  fellowship package who maybe won't attend, but I'm also worried that if they KNOW I'm going to go no matter what, they will be stingier on funding and won't be trying to "buy me". 


Also, this is a program in Public Relations. If anyone has tips on how to prepare for the interview I would very much appreciate it!

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