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  1. omidance

    Philadelphia, PA

    Hi all. Any advice on the better school districts surrounding Philly? I'll be attending Temple in the fall and my son will be with me. He's going into 8th grade so I want to be in a location that's close enough to Temple for my commute but in a decent school district for middle and high schools. I'd appreciate any advice! Been looking at Elkins Park...Cheltenham area...
  2. omidance

    Relocating for grad school, with kids

    Also on the daycare thing...now this might be easier to arrange once you've gotten out there, but when my son was very young I was blessed to have an older lady keep him who had a daycare in her home. It was less expensive and I felt comfortable with her. I would definitely pick the brains of the teachers and other students who have children...especially those that have been there a while or are from the area.
  3. omidance

    Relocating for grad school, with kids

    Hey everybody! Big kudos to all of us mommies and daddies who are literally making big moves to better our lives and those of our children! @JJCA you know... the moving thing can be tricky, but it can be done! Google maps is great for taking a look at a neighborhood, especially if it's a house and photos you see online only show the one house. You can view pictures of the street to get a feel for what the other houses in the neighborhood look like. You might think about getting approved for a place run by a property management company that also manages many other rental homes. That way if you get out there (maybe a week early, staying with your friend) and you don't like the place you could have them put you in another place more to your liking. And you're already approved to rent with that company. Or you could have your friend scout out the places you find interesting for you. Then apply for them and when you move out there, again, give yourself a few days in case you change your mind when you see the place in person. Your idea to rent in your friend's complex is a wise one too IMO. She can give you the lowdown since she already lives there. Options decrease stress LOL. This is my personal philosophy. Let's say you go out there by yourself a week or so early to scout for places. Can someone meet you there with the kids after you've signed your new lease?
  4. omidance

    Relocating for grad school, with kids

    Hi JJCA! I'm in the same boat, and no you're not crazy. I'm a single mom, also accepted to IU Bloomington, and also considering a major move out there...haven't decided yet. It's a lot to think about...and it's scary! But it can be done, and it won't be so difficult as it may seem. I've done it before. When my son was 6, we moved from the east coast to Arizona for my MFA. I'll be honest...my first year was a major adjustment because I had never lived so far away from family, and I'd never been somewhere where I didn't have support with my son. That being said, he's attended many classes with me when he's been in the the it might be a cold but I'm not sure and he's not running a fever so no school for him but I can't miss class situation. It works out. I found that many of my professors, including my advisor, had children and understood my need for that additional absence or rescheduling because of a doctor's appointment or some such thing. You find family wherever you are. The minute I got him started with sports, I met other single moms and met two women who became my lifeline while I was away. He developed some great friendships and I got some sister girlfriends who I can have wine with while the kids played. And since they were not in school, they kept me grounded with the 'real world' that we can feel isolated from while in school, working and parenting. Another thing to think about is that you don't have to live in the same city where you go to school. If a close county has better schools, you could live there. That's what I'm thinking of doing if I don't attend IU, since my other choice is not where I want my son to go to school (Philly...Temple). What I've found is that happy parents make happy children. I was worried about his adjustment with moving and all, but he's so well rounded and better for it. I hope he will see the sacrifices I've made for my education and use that as inspiration not to be afraid to reach for his goals when it's his turn. Children are resilient, and it's great that you have more than one because they will be each other's familiarity in a new setting. You can make it an adventure for them by finding a new place to discover every weekend. The park one weekend, city library another weekend--even checking out the Dave and Busters to see if it's different from the one back home can be exciting for them. Good luck! I'd love to hear what you decide. Either way, you'll be fine! :-) Hugs!
  5. omidance

    Any other Dance PhD applicants?

    Hi folks. Just curious if there are any other Dance PhD applicants on the forum? If so, where did you apply?
  6. omidance

    Fall 2015 applicants for theatre/performance PhD

    Haha! I'm just so glad I'm not the only one. We'll all just have to hang in there somehow. It's tough not knowing which direction you're going in...especially when I've been looking forward to this last round of school for so long. I'm so looking forward to being back in my element all the time, and hopefully for the rest of my life lol. I've had to work outside of my field (dance) for a few years now because adjunct teaching just doesn't pay the bills. So ready to get back into the swing of things and get that much closer to a full time tenure track position. Anybody else planning to teach? Or is that why we're all working towards PhDs in the arts? LOL Decaf: Thanks for the welcome! I've enjoyed reading your posts. FYI: Haven't heard back about funding from Temple.
  7. omidance

    Fall 2015 applicants for theatre/performance PhD

    Hi all. I'm sending you all lots of hope and positive energy! I wish I'd found this particular thread a month ago when I was at my worst part of the waiting process....so far lol. Any word on funding so far? I've gotten one definite funding offer and the other I'm still waiting to hear back from on funding. I'm so amped I'm ready to start looking for a place to live and stuff....so the waiting is IRRITATING me. Lol. Updates on your situations?
  8. omidance

    Admitted Student Days

    Hi there. If there's a school that you're determined to attend regardless of whether or not they fund you, I'd go to that school's visit day. But then again, you'll have plenty of time to ask questions and tour the campus and all that jazz once you know for certain that you're attending. You know? It's kind of like a lot of expense when you don't know what they're offering you. But if you know you're going to a particular school no matter what, then it would be good to get out and see what the living situation is like and such...things you can use the spring and summer to prepare for. Hopefully you'll get some information pretty soon...good luck!
  9. First of all, congrats!! Ok...I'd submit my intent to enroll. Might as well let them know so they can nominate you for fellowships...
  10. omidance

    Loans on top of funding

    If you have to take any loans, it would be best to stick with federal loans since they have income-based repayment plans. Whatever you do, I just hope you are able to create a situation for yourself where you can keep your health at its best. IMO, the most important thing is keeping your sanity and good health so that when you're done you're not too broken down. If that means taking out a small amount of student loan debt so you can eat right and sleep more instead of heading to that part-time job, then I'd take out the loans. You don't have to accept all that's offered to you. Take a peek at your budget forecast and decide how much of a deficit there is...include a little savings for car maintenance and dental work (which may not be covered in your student health insurance). FYI: I've been on an income-based repayment plan for a couple of years and my payment just went up from $0/mo to $40/mo. Manageable for me, at least. Good luck, friend.
  11. omidance

    PhD and MA Linguistics?

    I think if this this the school you really want to attend, then it might be a good idea to go forward with the MA. You can look at it a couple of different ways if you decide to this MA. One way is to do the MA, kick butt and take names later, and you'll be a shoo-in for the PhD with that much more education under your belt. Another way is to do the MA and think about what you want to do after...would getting a PhD in another field (like a particular language or other application of linguistics) make you more marketable for jobs after graduation? If so, you could knock out that MA and then apply to a different PhD program. Then you can teach/research/work in Linguistics and that other area. Just a thought...My first choice for myself is a PhD in Dance and snag a cool MA in AFAM Studies along the way so I can be marketable in more than just dance or performance studies depts. Good advice from a colleague. Keep your head up! You'll find your way!
  12. omidance

    Like Watching Sausage Being Made

    I think a part of it is the presence of faculty who can mentor your work.
  13. omidance

    It Happened

    Whoo hoo! Sharing your joy over here! Congrats!
  14. omidance


    33...34 this fall.

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