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  1. The android app for Evernote does have a document cam function. I haven't used it very much, however, so I can't really vouch for it yet.
  2. Technically, I have already accepted an offer for a *wonderful* and exciting, top-ranked MA program in my field. I was forced to, to be competitive in the consideration of TA-ships (which only confirmed students were allowed to apply for a few weeks ago). Kind of horrible that they forced our hands early in this way with no guarantee of funding, but I can understand the logistical nightmare of creating a schedule and having to redo it whenever people change their minds. Still. Thing is, I won't go without the tuition remission a TA-ship would net me. I just can't risk putting my family int
  3. Shoelle

    Los Angeles, CA

    Thanks for the confirmation Citizen Snipes! I'll move it up to #1 on the neighborhood investigation list I'm compiling for ASD.
  4. Ah, I was rejected by School B, hopefully in time to be competitive for funding from School A. I guess that worked itself out. Thanks!
  5. Shoelle

    Los Angeles, CA

    Any locals familiar with Koreatown as a place for families? I'm a single parent with a three year old, so safety is pretty critical, but I've heard Koreatown is both affordable and reasonably safe, as well as not too far from USC. Not looking for anything in the lap of luxury here, we're on a budget, but I also need to know there aren't bars on the windows of neighboring buildings or anything. Would appreciate any insight!! Thanks!! Edit: I'm aware Westlake is nearby, which is something to avoid. Are there any overlapping streets I should be aware of, or microcosm I should aim for? Th
  6. I didn't see a thread, so I'm starting one! MA Critical Studies candidate here. Anyone else going to Admitted Student Day on April 10th? Always looking for roommates to split costs!
  7. Same boat here (but in reverse!). Single parent for the time being (partner is at another grad program far away), so I'm actually less worried about adjusting than I would be if I didn't have three years of experience parenting and working alone. Relocating to L.A. for a grad program this fall. Childcare costs in L.A. though....yikes. USC doesn't offer any kind of stipend or help with that either, I'll be relying entirely on savings. If any single parent households could chip in regarding how much childcare they routinely use for full time graduate studies, I'd be most appreciative. I
  8. Also rejected by MIT, but at least it makes "deciding" easier, haha. Best wishes to all who got in, it's a great program! USC, here I come! If anyone is planning to attend SCA's Admitted Student Day on April 10th, please shoot me a PM!
  9. 8 years is crazy, I don't blame you at all for passing that by. The CMS program we're referring to is only a 2 year MS program.
  10. I emailed Taylor about a sticky situation I'm in regarding decisions and deadlines (committing to USC early for funding purposes vs. waiting to hear back from CMS, explained in). Didn't get much feedback other than the date of the meeting itself...I expect we'll know either next week or the week after at the latest! I'm nervous! Best of luck to you, and to anyone else applying! CMS is so tough to get into but it sounds so amazing...
  11. Update: I emailed School B and was told the admissions committee is meeting on Tuesday 3/10; did not answer whether I was on the "short list" though I asked...said she would have more information then. I can't tell if that's a good or bad sign, unfortunately. I guess I'll just try to be patient for now.
  12. Best of luck to everyone with their decisions! And CONGRATS hermes, wow! I'm still waiting on one more school's decision...MIT's CMS committee is meeting on Tuesday of next week. Fingers crossed!
  13. The TA-ship does not have an impressive stipend, and it's in a very expensive area. It doesn't provide scholarships to help cover my childcare expenses either. I don't expect either program's funding to fully cover living expenses, though I do have savings for that. 1. School B offers research assitantships to ALL candidates; they are guaranteed. I don't have information about the exact stipend. They also help cover childcare expenses, however, which is a big draw for me. 2. I cannot be sure A will give funding, but the program coordinator told me they were able to secure funding
  14. Shoelle

    Los Angeles, CA

    I checked it off too as a way of securing it, but it's not a contractual agreement. We should be able to opt out later. I'm inclined toward opting out later anyway, because I've been told it's not that nice and there seem to be cheaper options. Would love the input of a current student on this matter though!
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