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Purdue (busy prof) VS Tennessee(dedicated proff)


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Hi Guys , 


i would like to take your advice , i a have been admitted at Purdue(CE), still looking for  RA position there , but I get some responses from interested proffs but with out final decision where most of them have many students , in the other hand, i was offered RA at Tennessee (CS) where the proff let me feels that he really wants me to be in his group , by keep asking, and enhancing the offer.

I believe it is very nice to  work with somebody who thinks that you are very good and smart  , while i think at Purdue there will be many super excellent guys , Furthermore, the proff at Purdue have more students than the other.


Also the stipend at Purdue will not be as good as the one that i get in Tennessee (2X at summer) + Tennessee is much cheaper.


Finally , If i will wait for the responses from Purdue i will most probably miss the deadline for Tennessee, the thing that may let me lost the position , i already extend it !

What do you think, do you think ??

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Tennessee shouldn't be pushing you to make a decision or threatening to give away the position. The April 15th deadline is still far away; if they're pressuring to decide now, I don't think that is an environment I would want to work in.


Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about the exact $$$ - so long as its enough to live comfortably. I'm not sure about the cost of living in Tennessee, but Purdue's location isn't particularly expensive and I met lots of grad students there who are comfortable.


However, if you have a good offer from Tennessee, and your advisor is a great match, then go for it! I hear over and over that your advisor should be the top priority for selecting a program.


Good luck!

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