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Program A vs. Program B


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I am currently deciding between two programs. For the sake of this post is I will call them Program A and Program B. 


Program A is in San Francisco, and I do not know anyone inside that city except for some of the Professors in the program. The program is short (only fourteen semesters) and thus quite cost effective. It is a new program (I will be a part of its third wave of students if I accept). However, it is quite cutting edge with how they constructed the program (basically asking people in the field I desired to work in and asked them what they wish they learned during grad school). It is a small program which boasts direct student-professor relationships which is very similar to my current undergraduate institution. The program also has a strong commitment to Social Justice, which strongly interests me. While it would be quite a move for me to go there, since I am 22 it is an adventure I can easily accomplish now instead of later. 


Program B is a prestigious institution in Washington DC, and I live 20 minutes away from the campus. It is an older program and well known in the field with a great relationship with DC area museums. It is a two year program, making it longer and more expensive than Program A. There also seems to be a lot more bureaucracy I would have to navigate and I would not have as close of a relationship with the faculty.  It also requires more academically (program A has a project instead of a thesis, while program B wants you to pass an exam as well as write a thesis). 


So, does anyone have any advice on how to pick between these two schools? Would it be better to play it safe, or be more adventurous?

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I say take the leap and be adventurous! Program A sounds amazing and going to a new place might give you perspective that you wouldn't get if you stayed in DC. I would check into the connections that professors at Program A might have too, because they could have amazing experiences to offer also. Program B sounds very appealing from a prestige standpoint, but being part of something new and exciting could mean amazing things for the future.

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Did you mean to say that Program A is 14 semesters??  I don't see how that is shorter than two years...  Anyway, from reading what you wrote and your descriptions it seems obvious to me that you want to choose Program A.  Just the words you used to describe both programs, your description of Program A sounds much more positive than Program B.  Good luck with your decision!

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