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University of Georgia?


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Anybody else apply to UGA for the History M.A.? Anybody hear back yet? Word on funding for M.A.? Just curious. It is a program I am really interested in. Thanks!

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I applied to UGA's PhD program, but they accepted me into the MA program.  I checked the GradStatus website a couple weeks ago, and it changed to "applicant accepted offer" but I thought it was a glitch because it also said "MA applicant" when I had applied to the PhD program. A few days after I noticed that change, I got a mass email from the graduate school inviting me to accepted students weekend and then a few days later finally got an email from the department saying they've accepted me into the MA program and nominated me for a fellowship.  I got my official acceptance from the graduate school in the mail a week after I noticed the change on GradStatus. Decisions about funding were all made on Friday so I should hear about funding hopefully next week (why do they do snail mail?!).  I don't know anything about the fellowship I was nominated for, but I'm really hoping it's a full funding deal because my POI told me they generously fund MA students when I spoke with her a few months ago.  The department is paying for me to go to their open house next month.


So anyway, have you checked your GradStatus?  It's posted there first.  Hope this helps!

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dwight, if they're nominating you for a fellowship, they are in all likelihood prepared to offer you departmental funding if you don't get the fellowship. I say this because departments are only allowed to nominate a certain number of people for the fellowships each year, so there's no reason to waste a nomination on someone you wouldn't fund otherwise. Good luck! Athens is awesome.

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