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How to tell if an interview went well. Help?


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I had 6 one-on-one sessions at my last visit, but one of them was incredibly jarring. The prof I was interviewing with acted like they hadn't read my application or got me confused with someone else!


She asked if I'd taken statistics and why I wanted to do research if I didn't have any research experience- my SOP was specifically on my varied research experiences (I had semester lab rotations in undergrad to then pick a lab for my senior thesis, which was my own original project) that have led me to apply to an interdisciplinary and collaborative program. I also completed a year of statistics and analysis. But she didn't let me finish my explanation of my research experience before talking about her current project. 


When I saw her at an evening mixer the same day (I walked over to speak briefly with two professors I'd interviewed with that day, she being one of them) she didn't say "hello" but something along the lines of, "impressive that you can form a coherent sentence after all the interviews today!" when another prof paid me a compliment and I humbly accepted (he learned something new from my interview because we have completely unrelated research) by referencing something I had learned from him.


That same day, an interviewing prof who's the director told me that I was "very mature," "smart," and "I like the way you think."


I don't know who's on adcom (all interviewing profs? I've tried looking on the website and found out about one on the adcom because she said so at a lunch) but I have a feeling that if the first prof is, oh wow am I screwed. 


How does an adcom actually work??



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