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Waitlisted? or Rejected?


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Hi all,


I have applied to the MS CS Fall 2015 program of UCSD, but I haven't yet heard anything from the university. According to the university's website, it accepts students on a rolling basis until mid-April. I have seen many people getting admits, also people who applied on the same day as me. Does this mean that my profile has already been looked at, and put on wait-list or reject list? I am really freaking out. :(  Please share your thoughts.


Thanks in advance!

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When did you submit your application?  Is there any sort of indication on the admissions website for the length of time expected for decisions? (I know, I'm sure you've checked - and checked again.)  If it's more than the time they stated, or more than a couple of weeks after people who applied at the same time and were already notified, I would definitely give them a call.  Starting with Graduate Studies, not the department.

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I'm in the same boat! I submitted my app on 12/13/2014, but still haven't heard back!

Actually, I don't expect to be accepted, so I'm wondering why I haven't got a reject yet!

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