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MS in Biotechnology Accepted at Northwestern and Mcgill, don't know what to do.


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Hello Everyone,


I was recently accepted into the schools mentioned above, can anyone at those universities tell me a bit about them so I can make up my mind?

For the main difference is the price:

Mcgill: $23000, could pay it with help from my parents.

Northwestern: $76000, would have to ask for government help and afterwards come back to my country and work for twice the program duration.

Any words of advice will be greatly appreciated.

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One of my undergrad teachers told me "never to pay for grad school", so that is way I'm a bit hesitant about Mcgill also the weather since I'm from a warm country (its 86 F right now!) and I was also attracted to northwestern due to the programs and institutes related to renewable energy and sustainability, and maybe work opportunities in the US. But Canada has a growing field of research into carbon sequestration using algae which is one of my research interests. Any other advise?

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I'll be attending the University of Toronto for an MSc in Sustainability Management within the Institute for Management and Innovation. IMI has a Master of Biotechnology that is already working quite well with companies in Canada, US, and the UK. 


Not sure if you've had a chance to take a look or have seen it yet...but U of T is generally regarded as #1 in Canada.





In terms of your research interest...Toronto's geography department (which does a lot of work on this) is regarded as the best in Canada and top 10 globally, while similar departments at McGill are unranked actually. 

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I considered it but It was too late, having an international degree meant that I had to take the Biology GRE, and  didnñt have enough time to study for it, and if I try now I would have to wait another year to go to grad school.


Anyone has advice on northwestern?

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