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What opportunity?


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I recently received this email from UKY. I am sure they meant to be helpful, but encouraging me to "consider the opportunity before you," is vague and confusing. Btw, I bolded the text..


Anyone else ever received something like this?


And, nah, the waiting game isn't affecting my brain THAT much....hahaha. 


Thank you for your recent application to the University of Kentucky Graduate School. As you consider the opportunity before you, we encourage you to continue to work with your Director of Graduate Studies as well as with your Admissions Officer. UK is a great institution and we believe we will be even greater because of students such as you. 

Please let us know if we can be of service to you. As always, we wish you much success!



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It seems as though there are several possibilities:


1) Mass e-mail from the school, encouraging people to continue to keep the university "in the running" during their decision making process.

2) They extended an offer, and they are encouraging you to consider it strongly.

3) They meant "opportunities," -i.e. plural not singular-and therefore meant that you should keep Kentucky in mind when considering ALL your options.

4) Meant to psychologically make you think that "Kentucky" is the opportunity before you, in the forefront of your options-the best opportunity-and that all the others are behind you...


None of these would surprise me.

P.s. I grew up in Cincinnati, where there is a general "make fun of Kentucky" attitude (for a whole variety of reasons).  (And despite the many fans of the Kentucky basketball team, xavier and UC force us to hate on Kentucky for this reason also.)  In all reality, this cryptic of a message could have been sent by any university, no matter the prestige.  Last year Penn encouraged individuals with even LOW GRE scores (by Econ standards) to apply, despite knowing full well that they (as a general rule) only admit students that have a 93%+ Quant score.  Rather pitiful.  

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I contacted the program office yesterday, and the woman I spoke with was equally surprised about the email. She also agreed that it's vague and confusing.


I do not have a social work background - my career has been focused on marketing communications - so when she mentioned that UK hopes to attract more students from other states, I decided I will contact schools about improving their recruiting and admissions communications if I'm not accepted to an MSW program :-) 


I don't know about anyone else, but as I sit here, as an adult pursuing a new career path, about to make some huge life decisions that involve changing my entire way of life - including a possible cross country move - vague email communications are stressful.


I applied to UK because I have family ties in Kin-tucky, am interested in Appalachian populations, and love Lexington.


Yikes, I think it's cruel that Penn would encourage unqualified applicants to apply. The process is so time consuming. Surely they don't need the extra revenue from application fees!

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