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Funding for Ecology in UC System


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I am considering UC RIverside and another school for ecological research right now. UC Riverside has, what appears to be, an awesome program. The other program I am looking at is also strong, and they give off the aura of being pretty well endowed. I seem to get the opposite vibe from UCR, but I have no real evidence of it. Does anyone have any insight on this? 

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Finding the endowments for the entire school is pretty easy to come by, not sure if you can find info on individual departments. 


Ecologists tend to be bucket scientists.  That is, they trudge through the mud and grime and wet to their research sites carrying their equipment in a bucket.  I doubt the typical budget for an ecology program to be that large.  


The cool thing about the UC system (as well as CSU and CC) is that the Regents collect a lot of info and create a ton of documentation.


This might be a good starting point:






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