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Carnegie Mellon - Masters in Literary and Cultural Studies

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Hello everybody!!


Been a longtime lurker. Very jealous of all the people who got accepted. Standing in solidarity with crowd that is considering getting an MA.


I've been considering applying to Carnegie Mellon for the Masters in Literary and Cultural Studies program. So I have a few questions about this program -


Has anybody here heard of this program? What do you think about it? Its a one year program - is that too short? Does anybody know if they set you up well to get into a PhD program? Carnegie Mellon has always struck me as a tech school, does the university give enough attention to its humanities departments? Has anybody gotten in this year; are you considering enrolling? 


Any and all information about this program is most welcome. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Help a sister out.


I feel like I've used the word "program" too many times. 


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Take this with a grain of salt as I am not too familiar with Carnegie Mellon. But I understand their one year master's programs are usually unfunded and have a reputation of being a way for CM's English department to make money.  

I personally would not attend a one year masters anymore than I would attend a 3 year PhD. The time matters; the quality of education will be lower simply because there's not as much time to absorb everything. 

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I have a colleague who did this.  He was funded, I think, but after the MA he taught at CM's partner campus in the UAE for a couple years.  He made a ton of money, got great experience, travelled and then applied to Ph.D. programs and got several acceptances.  That's all I know about the program, though.

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