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What does this even mean?!


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I applied a few months back to a program and received no word from then since. No update on the website, no email back, nothing. But today, along with a few other applicants in another degree program, I received an email inviting me to an open house near the absolute end of April....Mind you I've received no word on the program's decision and April 2-th is near the absolute end of the decision process. 

Someone please translate what this means. I have no clue as why they acknowledge my application in the email and then extend an invite to an open house :/

Btw, it's a masters program.

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It sounds like general email. Admissions can still happen until few days before class starts. Maybe you can email and ask for more details about the open house? For example, ask if you would need to prepare anything, would you get chance to talk to grad students/supervisors, etc?

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