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First Timer with Some (Funding) Questions


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So, good news! I have been accepted into USU's Folklore program, and I am totally excited! However, I'm also very nervous. I have only received an email congratulating me on my acceptance. I have not received an official letter nor any information on funding. So here is where my anxiety is killing me.


Do I send an email asking my adviser/the program's director about funding, or should I wait until I get the official letter and see if something comes with it? I know this may seem like a dumb question, but I wasn't lying about my anxiety. I tend to over think everything and worry that the smallest slight will get me hated forever.


Anyways. Any veterans got any advice? 


Thank y'all so much for your patience with me!

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Usually the funding info comes with the official letter, but this could be field dependent. I would probably reply to the email saying that you are excited for the opportunity and will look forward to more information. You could also ask about a chance to visit the department if that is normal in your field.


I would probably wait a week to see if the official letter arrives and if the letter does not arrive, or if you still have questions (about funding or other aspects) after you get the letter, then email back to followup :)



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