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Hi all, 


I wanted a second opinion on the situation since I've been over-analyzing it for some time now. 


I was waitlisted at my top choice a month ago. It was surprising to me only because I received a call from department chair before the waitlist letting me know I was a top candidate and I should be hearing good news. A few weeks later, I found out that I was waitlisted.... not the good news I was hoping for. 


Since then, the program has emailed me twice asking me to confirm my interest should they be able to extend an offer. I've also emailed my POI asking if there's anything I could do, and he's told me just to hold tight until the acceptances have made their decisions. 


My question is, why are they asking me to confirm my interest when there has been no movement on decisions? Should I have high hopes to get in? 


Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated!

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Waitlists always ask you to confirm your interest (at least in my experience). They want to make sure nothing has changed since you submitted your application -- some people have been accepted elsewhere and taken the offer; some people have decided not to go to graduate school after all. The program doesn't want to waste time accepting someone off the waitlist if they're no longer interested in the program. 


Definitely indicate your interest (unless, of course, you're not interested anymore). 

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I actually think it's nice that they follow up with wait-list candidates to confirm their interest b/c it will help people like you who really want to go there. 

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