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UIC MSW Program--How hard is it to get in?


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Hey there!
I recently applied to three schools--SIU (Southern Illinois University), UIUC (University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign), and UIC (University of Illinois @ Chicago).  I was admitted to UIUC and haven't heard from the other two yet. 



GPA is about 3.1 (Psych & Spanish)

Head of advertising for campus organization

About 150+ Hours of volunteer work

3 semesters of continuing psych research

1 Job in book preservation (I like books)

Studied abroad for a summer

Bilingual (English+Spanish)

Can pay tuition without help

Three letters of rec


Hope that helps get a good picture of what I've got; So thoughts? 

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Anybody heard from UIC or SIUC? I'm waiting to hear back from both still and getting worried I was forgotten from UIC. I don't know if I should accept my other offer or contact the schools. Suggestions?

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I emailed over a month ago, they said six to eight weeks from my verified date. I'm just confused as to why my verified date was over two months after everything was in. Oh well! Just have another month of waiting!

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I called and the lady said there wasn't really anything she could do -she recommended that I accept at another school and then withdraw if I was later accepted to UIC so I guess that's what I'm going to do. She also reminded me that it says "APPROXIMATELY" 6-8 weeks haha so I guess it could take longer. 

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