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Carnegie Mellon - MS in Mechanical Engg.


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CMU Mech out yet? Anyone?


The mail what I received from the admission committee in Feb said that it would be made available by 15th March.


Pasting what email quoted:


MS admissions decisions are usually released by the second week of March.  Email alerts will be sent shortly after decisions have been made.  You may continue to check the status of your application online through the Apply Yourself website and we would encourage you to do so often.

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no clue. no interview notice or emails from admission office. what research concentration you applied for? i did robotics. 


btw, does cmu give interviews to master applicants? Thx!


Hey, I had chosen Computational Science. I had applied around the first week of Jan though. 


From what I have asked my seniors, candidates were waitlisted last year, since there were many applicants. No as far as I know, there was no interview. Not sure how would it be this year. 


When did you apply? I found out that the decisions were out around 12th March last year. 



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