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  1. I'm in the same boat, guys. Chose yesterday school A over school B. Feeling so bad =( At some point I happy that all this torture finally ended, but I had to tell a nice professor from school B who tells me "I'm lucky to get your application, you are so interesting candidate!" that I chose different school...OMG that's the hardest experience ever! =*( When I wrote him email (I couldn't call...I'd be cried I guess...) explaining situation, he emailed me back " School A is lucky to get you!" I just cried...it's too emotional for me! I'm still doubtful that I made a right choice, and I won't re
  2. Any news? =) I emailed to WSU, but they told me that they are still considering...It's almost 15th of April!!!
  3. Try to email professors if they still have positions in their labs, they can give you funding.
  4. I'm in similar situation. I got a lot of accepts but only one with funding for a year in OSU. Also, I'm in ECE! UW looks that not giving me funding, I even retook English test for them...nothing works for them. Right now, I have a choice - OSU fully funded or UW not funded. =( Don't know what to do...really... What's the purpose to give acceptance without funding for phd program in engineering?
  5. I submitted CV as well, but they didn't ask.
  6. Hmm.. interesting... I applied in two departments as well here. I got acceptance from EE, but didn't hear a word from ME. I think that's why I didn't get official acceptance letter as well.
  7. Did you contact with POI or POI contacted with you? Or just got email from Director of the program? I know that on OSU website, the status is still like Submitted, and nothing else. I got email from the Graduate Program Coordinator from EE department with financial aid offer. That's what I got. POI told me that it's only what you need, just need to sign up and that's it, and you will get an official acceptance letter after that. Probably you need to contact them regarding of acceptance letter? I'm still confused how it works in OSU. I would advice to contact with the Graduate Coordinator (A
  8. thanks =) I'm still fighting for funding at UW. Somehow I passed this awful speaking test with machine. =) haha POI told me that he's working on it...I'm still hoping!!! Got acceptance from Tufts, with tuition scholarship. I'm gonna decline this one soon, might be somebody else will get it and would be happy. =)
  9. I was visiting OSU yesterday! Corvallis is awesome place to live! =)) I knew that it's your top choice, and it seems pretty good in ecology, I decided to write you that I'm impressed of the town and OSU as well! =)) Hopefully, it helps!
  10. I got accepted in OSU as well, but didn't get also official acceptance email/letter. However, POI told me that the Graduate School is slowly, it takes for them 1-2 week to send it. I got only financial aid offer for the first year via email.
  11. didn't hear from WSU at all! But got acceptance to Oregon State.
  12. Sam Burden - he is a new professor at UW. if you were on Visit Days at UW, we might met =)) I got acceptance from NEU but still no funding. Very weird accept from University of Nevada. Basically, I got some acceptances, but all of them without funding options. I think it's because they want to give me TA, and can't due to low TOEFL speaking subscore.
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