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How to go about getting on research

John Richard

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I just got accepted to a Master's program and would like to get into research. Should I find a prof who I have common research interests with and email them? How should I go about this? Thanks!

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You should absolutely email a prof... or as many as possible.  Strike now before spots are taken and show how devoted you are - you'll likely get what you're after more easily that way.

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I agree with agrizz. You want to get to know your potential research mentors as soon as possible so you can explore all of the options open to you, as well as make sure all the good projects aren't taken :) I emailed my thesis advisor during the application process and continued to communicate with him over the summer. Depending on your topic and the structure of your program, this will allow to get started as soon as the first semester starts (or sooner), or at least get you on track to start reviewing relevant literature.

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