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Three-Year MFA Programs


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if anything, there's additional time, to work on theses, to teach, etc, which i think is invaluable. two year programs are good but some might feel like there isn't enough time, which i agree with a bit. unless you really know what you want to accomplish in those two years. also three year programs means an additional (hopefully funded) year of not having to return to the real world, lol


also some two year programs are essentially three years, due to additional post-grad fellowships and teaching opportunities (ie, Cornell, Michigan, etc), so there must be something to it.

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i applied to a mix of two and three year programs and originally thought a two year program would be a better fit, but now i think i would prefer a three year program.

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I know several people in two-year programs who are perfectly happy with that choice. Personally, I'm glad I ended up at a three-year program. lagoon91 already mentioned most of the reasons why I feel that way, but I do think the point about additional time to work on theses bears repeating. For most MFAs, thesis is more a stopping point than a flawless manuscript. That third year is valuable time to re-write/revise/refine.

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