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What sounds more polite


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I had emailed prof last month to ask if there is volunteer research opportunity. Prof replied "we can talk later this semester". I then replied that I will follow-up again later.


Now recently, I received an offer for grad school. I'm planning to email the prof about it (he's one of my letter referrees), as well as asking him about research. But I feel it may be too early?


What sounds more polite?


"Is this a good time to ask about volunteering? Or should I contact again at end of March or April?"


"Please know Im still interested in volunteering. I will follow-up again at end of March".


"I would like to ask if there is volunteer opportunity available?"


Thanks for reading!

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#1 or #3. But don't sweat it too much, if this person is anything like my POI s/he just forgot and will probably appreciate the reminder.

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#3 plus suggesting a time to meet and talk with this PI in person.


"volunteer" in "grad school life"? wrong board, maybe?

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