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Accepted, but Funding Unspecified - Worried About Making Bad Impression on Visit

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Okay, so I was just waitlisted by a second school, Wyoming. My POI said that funding was to blame and that all the faculty I interviewed with liked me, but why fly me out there if they couldn't take me on?


Add the fact that I bombed the hell out of a Skype interview for my other waitlisted school, Alabama, and now I'm paranoid that I'm going around making really bad impressions. 


Ironically, I was accepted into a much more highly ranked program without interview - UIUC. I am flying out there soon. The most common amount of support was listed in my letter, but my specific funding information has yet to be determined. Can they just yank my funding if they become less-than-enthused with me during my visit?


My POI there seems to like me, but so did my POI at Wyoming and look where that got me.


I am now extremely worried that I'm somehow gonna botch up this otherwise perfect situation. 





Though I immediately sensed that my Skype interview was a tragedy, I was really surprised by the bad news from Wyoming because I thought I aced my interviews with flying colors. Now I don't know what the hell to think. If I can somehow get by next week without compromising my funding, I am undoubtedly going to have one hell of a time with impostor syndrome during grad school. 

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You need to get your confidence back. Can you do practice interviews with someone so that you feel more comfortable?


To answer your question, if UIUC hasn't made an official funding offer yet, then they wouldn't actually be yanking anything. Some programs do admit students that they can't fund, so I'd definitely be on your best behavior if you haven't received a written funding offer prior to your visit. Good luck!

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