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No decision to date - What does it mean?


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Hey guys!


So, could anyone please help me with this question? What does it mean to have a no decision to date on your personal application account after seeing many results here? Am I rejected? Waitlisted? Is it necessarily a bad sign?



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I don't think this is necessarily a bad sign at this stage. I've applied to 8 schools and only heard back from two so far. Sometimes I get the urge to email those remaining schools to ask, but then I think I should just let them take their sweet time. If they have decided on anything, there is no reason they should not inform me!

You can check the status of your application on the online system. Some of mine say something like "under review" or "out to department." So this indicates that no decision has been made yet. If it says nothing at all, I also believe this means there is no decision yet.

It's only a matter of time.

Good luck!


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