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Should I retake my GRE just for the quantitative section?


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So it's almost a funny story. I screwed up on the quant GRE because I didn't realise that you actually had to take the last or "experimintation" section seriously; i.e. I skipped like 1/4th of the section. I didn't realise that you not only had to take the section seriously but you also wouldn't know which one out of the 3 quant sections it was. Woops.


I ended up getting a 155 for quant. Realistically, I'd be shooting for a 165 or so. However, I got a surprisingly, at least for me, good grade for verbal: 165. I didn't get the AWA score back but I feel pretty confident about that. I'm guessing maybe a 4-5. So it would be a shame to throw this away.


The thing is, I want to apply to Masters programs in statistics or analytics. I have a 3.612 gpa in a Math&Statistics degree, from a local college. The only reason I don't have a 3.7+ right now is because of a single low grade holding me back in a sea of good ones, i.e. a D+. I don't see how basic math problems can ruin my application but that's the nature of standardized tests I guess. I don't really have work experience, although I did function as a math tutor and my recs should be pretty good. I'm trying to get in with an acquantince's company as a javascript developer right now.


Should I risk it and send out apps? My ideal school would be Stevens Institute of Tech Masters Analytics but I also will apply to Columbia Statistics Masters--as well as some others. Any advice?

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I agree strongly with Josh J; your application is solid and your D+ will likely be overlooked if you score highly on the quantitative section. BUT your D+ looks more like a manifestation of only an above average proficiency in math as opposed to an aberration with a 155 as opposed to a 165+ score. 


Another option one might consider is explaining your low quant score...but I don't recommend this at all because it makes you look irresponsible (not saying you are, shit happens, but the adcom may very well perceive it this way). 


If you look at the GRE scores of accepted applicants to math-intensive fields on the results page, you'll find that quant scores are almost always above 160, usually 165+ and that acceptance correlates more strongly with 165+ QGRE than it does with 3.5+ GPA.


TL;DR--Take the test again; It sucks to blow the cash but it's better than getting into a subpar program instead of one you would flourish in.


Best of luck!

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