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How can I help students who are excellent in class but always flop their tests?


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I teach an upper level symbolic logic class, and every semester, I encounter a couple of students who participate well in class. They even answer the questions correctly. However, when it comes to tests/quizzes, they mess up and get low grades.

Any suggestions on how can I help such students? 

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A good way to start might be to ask the students what you can do to help them. Explain to them that you're invested in their success on a professional and personal level, and that you'd like them to succeed.


Often I find that some of my brightest students in class (the people who can answer and pick up on things fast) are some of the least motivated to work outside of class, because they're used to things coming naturally to them. Generally I take them aside after class and just ask them "So what's going on?" (don't fill it in). If they don't immediately fill in the target of the question, then explain to them that while they do well in class, their grades on exams aren't as stellar, and you know they can do better. Then ask them how they think they might do better, and how you can help them do better.


Hope this helps. Send me an email if you have any more questions.

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