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  1. I have just gotten accepted to LMU's mathematical philosophy program!
  2. Just got rejected from U of Minnesota (via website). Are we still doing this?
  3. I know a grad student there. Let me know if you want me to connect you with him. He's interested in philosophy of mind.
  4. Hell yeah, dude!!! The first round in on me. After all, philosophy is communal! You too, QualiaFreak!
  5. Since we are approaching the final days of this application season, I think it is a good time to start sharing contacts with each other. We did something similar last year, and I think it was a good idea. If anyone wants to connect over facebook, please PM me.
  6. From what I know and noticed, you only need to pass the minimum score.
  7. Out of all days, UC Davis decided to send out rejections on April 1st.
  8. I applied to 15 programs last year and got shut out (all straight rejections). It sucks a lot. I knew a couple of applicants last year who were involved in 4 application seasons (twice for MA programs and twice for PhD programs). They all said that it gets better and they were absolutely right. This season, I applied to 10 programs and got accepted to 1 PhD and 2 MA's, and waitlisted at 2 other MA's. Also, one of the MA acceptances knew that I had an offer from a PhD program, they decided to change their offer to a PhD one. Maybe my season wasn't as good as other applicants but I am very happy that I got accepted at my top choice program. Now, here is what I did differently and I think it helped a lot: The program that changed their offer to PhD said that they were very impressed with my writing sample. Thus, the main difference from 2014, I believe, is the writing sample. I wrote on a topic that is current and I know that some of my top choice programs work on that topic. Also, I can't emphesize this enough, write a paper that is directly correlated to you areas of interest. In the 2014 season, I was told by my advisors to send my best paper regardless of the topic. I think that killed my application (some might disagree). Moreover, I found what Sid has posted regarding writing samples to be on point and it is pretty much what I did. I would also like to add that you should have a lot sources. It shows that you did your homework before you have opened your mouth. Another minor difference is the statement of purpose. This time, it is much more specific and tailored to every single program. Do not just read the general interests of the faculty members. Get specific on what Professor X currently works on and how it relates to your interests. Finally, what I think that would have helped but I did not do is networking. I think networking would get you much further. I graduated from a state school with an unheard of philosophy program (though the faculty were excellent in my opinion). Their placement for the past 2-3 years were in the 50's to 40's range with an exception of 1 student who got into a top 10 program. I asked my advisor how she did it and he said that she knew people there. She's a brilliant student nonetheless, but I am not sure she would have gotten accepted there if she did not know the right people. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Keep your head up, it gets better.
  9. In case you are interested in logic, you can check out U of Amsterdam, LMU (Munich), and U of Barcelona. Edit: I missed the "BA" part. I'm not sure if their BA programs are in english, sorry!
  10. I emailed them about 10 days ago and was told that they were "still deliberating about many candidates." I was not told that I was waitlisted.
  11. Accepted at UConn!!! It feels so good, especially after last year's shut out. I hope to see you overoverover and reixis there!
  12. I have not heard from UC Davis and I don't think there were any rejection notifications from UC Davis.
  13. Congrats Overoverover! I'm really happy for you! I hope you get admitted soon.
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