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Hello everyone,

I have been perusing the different forums at the grad cafe for a couple of weeks now and thought it was about time I introduced myself. I am a senior at NCSU in biochemistry and zoology, graduating in December. Right now I'm studying for the GRE (which I'm taking in late September/early October), working on my SOP, and trying (sometimes it feels to no avail) to whittle down my list of prospective schools. I must say, along with research it is all quite daunting, so I commend all of you who have successfully conquered the graduate school application process!

I will most definitely have a considerable number of questions to ask of the wonderfully knowledgeable users here at the cafe, and I look forward to chatting in the future.

My plan so far is to try to get my list down to ten schools. I was just wondering though, based on everyone's past experiences, is somewhere in the neighborhood of October 19 too late to take the GRE considering many apps are due early December?


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Ten schools is a good number but make sure you fully work out the costs in advance, it is a lot more money than you think and it WILL impact your wallet/life.

Ahhh I know, I am still working on that one. Guess I may have to beg some family members for money/sell some things I don't need anymore/eat nothing but Ramen! Just the logistics of applying are a headache. I could apply to fewer schools, but of course then I have a lesser chance of getting in somewhere. How can they expect us to have that kind of money?!?

I think I'll end up shooting for late September on the GRE. I can't imagine 20 days would make a huge difference if I study from now until then.

Thanks for the response Astaroth!

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Earlier than late September, or were you referring to October? I think I may be able to swing the end of this month. My quant practice scores are 780-800 and verbal is upper 600's right now. I just thought that improving my verbal may be worth the extra time but I suppose since I am going into the life sciences it isn't a big deal...

Does anyone who has studied for and taken the biochem./cell/mol. bio subject test recommend a particular book to study with?

Thanks in advance.

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