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Ever transferred PhD schools?


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I have a somewhat delicate issue: Going to a very good PhD program this Fall, but contemplating on applying to my undergrad school/hometown schools for next year because of a personal reason (read below if interested). PhD program is ranked slightly higher than my undergrad school and I didn't apply to my undergrad because of the advice to explore outside it. Does anyone have personal experience or know anyone with experience on how to handle applying to another school while the current school is funding and training you? If I choose to do so, I want to do it with respect to all involved parties and that is why I would like some personal advice. Thanks!

Personal reason synopsis: It's for a guy (I know, ppl are shaking heads, but don't - it's worth it to me). He is one that I've known for 8 years and was together for 5 years. In my early years I traveled and did a ton of stuff. He sat back being patient and let me do it. I was not always there for him, but he still supported me. Broke up several times because I wanted him to have a girlfriend that can be there physically and more daily for him, but each time he still wanted to try to overcome the long distance. We broke up a final time and from that time until now, he has dated but never had a girlfriend. BUT he almost fell in love with someone else. Through our hanging out these past 3-4 months, we realized we still love each other. And I realized I can't bear that he falls in love with someone else and that maybe for once, I should put us first. And getting a PhD at a prestigious university cannot compensate for the fact that I may lose him, lose us, while being away for 5-6 years. So on top of that, I had originally intended to apply to my hometown schools (good schools/family & friends all here) and hadn't because of persuasion to explore. So now I am willing to endure a less pleasant transfer scenario and the application process again because I think our love is worth the fight/sacrifice. Only I would like to approach it with the utmost respect to my PhD institution and cause less/no trouble for my hometown schools or myself. And that is it so please help if you can.

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