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URGENT! Need help to write literature review for master thesis

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Hi guys

I am doing my master thesis for my Msc Business Management course, but still stuck with the literature review. To be honest, I have no experience in writing a thesis, so don't know what to do next after finding suitable topic and research question. I tried to find something on the Internet but my lecturer told me that I was on the wrong track. The deadline is around the corner, but I still have no idea what to do for the literature review part. Can anyone tell me what I should write in my literature review?


My topic is corporate social responsibility

Research question: How can business utilize CSR to generate brand equity?

And below here is my what I intend to include in my literature review:

1. Arguments of CSR and brand equity

2. The relationship between CSR and brand equity

3. The importance of CSR in creating the equity of brand

4. The way to apply CSR in reality

My lecturer said that the above literature review is just suitable for an essay, not a thesis. However, I really don't know what the difference between them


Thanks in advance!

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A thesis does more than just review the literature. You need to make an argument and then back it up with empirical evidence. A case study or two of businesses that have used CSR to generate brand equity is probably your best approach. Talk to the lecturer or whomever is supervising this thesis again about what it is you need to do. You might also want to read other theses that have been completed in your department to get a better idea of what is expected.

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