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Applied Physics masters programs not requiring a GRE score?


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Okay, so I am soon to finish my undergraduate program in Physics. Earlier in the year, I did not anticipate wanting to go to any graduate school, at least for a few years, so I neglected signing up for and taking the GRE general or subject test. Now I am reconsidering and may want to apply to start a master's program in Spring 2015, but I don't have any test scores to send. 


Question: What applied physics masters programs do not require a GRE score? I have good grades, limited research experience, and could get decent letters of recommendation to potentially make up for my lack of test scores. I know the University of Oregon's Masters Industrial Internship program doesn't require tests, and that program looks amazing to me, but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Any other schools have programs like this? Thanks

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If you're willing to leave the US, most Canadian schools don't require the GRE. Funding is more common for Masters programs in Canada as well. I don't know how many programs offer Spring entry though.

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