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Which of these PhD is better for financial quant industry career?

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Hi everyone,


This is a question I asked also in the Finance and Financial Engineering forum. I'm not sure which one is the best suited.

Could you please tell me how would you rank these PhDs for someone looking for a future career in the financial quant industry? Thank you very much! Between parenthesis are the specific research groups found in each of the departments.

1) Oxford Math (Comput. and Math finance)
2) LSE Stats (Risk & Stochastics)
3) Columbia IEOR (Financial Engineering)
4) Imperial College Finance (assuming it's possible to have a co-advisor and subjects from Math finance)
5) UCL Math (Financial Math)
6) King's College Math (Financial Math)

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I agree with footballman2399. If you're gunning for Wall St., then go to Columbia. But London is a tier 1 financial center too. I would guess Oxford and LSE carry the weight over there.


Wouldn't advise that you bank that you're getting accepted into a particular group. To that end, Stats and IEOR departments > Math.

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