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Canadian vs UK grading system


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Canadian here


I'm kind of confused here how the UK grading system works


Now I've seen many universities in the UK saying that they may accept people with a Lower second-class honours, a 2.2; thing is what is the 2.2?  Wiki says it's a 3 - 3.3 GPA in the US (which means the same for Canada)


While another source said that the Canadian equivalent of a 2.2 is a C+ (2.5).....


Which one is correct?

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Good question, Commonwealth grading system in UK, Canada, Australia can be interpreted in so many ways, the same result can be 3.0 GPA or 3.7 GPA depends on the method of calculation.

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It really depends on the standards the university sets. If you want to get a rough idea, in 2006 7.2% of graduates would have a 3rd class degree. Thus, a 2:2 corresponds to scoring at least in the 8 percentile of your year, if you don't mind the handful of people only getting a pass. It is likely that the university has higher standards for internationals, though.


By the way, a 1st is not difficult to achieve. About 15% of graduates have one. It is, however, much easier in some disciplines (e.g. maths) than in others (e.g. law).

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