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Ohio State University MSW Financial Aid?


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Hello all!
I received an email today telling me that I got accepted into OSU's MSW program - yay! The email says absolutely NOTHING about financial aid.
It also said I'll get an official letter of acceptance in the mail. Would financial aid info possibly be in the letter they are sending me or does this mean that I'm not getting any financial aid/scholarships?

Thanks in advance!!!

Applied 1/15/15 to: Case Western Reserve University, Ohio State University, University of Michigan, University of Cincinnati
Accepted: CWRU and OSU
Rejected: None so far, but haven't heard back from UM or UC

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I'm not sure how state universities work. I've heard that financial aid for MSW programs at state universities is spotty - apart from graduate assistantships. I could be wrong, but I think the assumption is that in-state tuition is "affordable" already.


I suggest you call the OSU Financial Aid office tomorrow morning to find out what your options are ASAP.

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I actually researched it more since posting this and you are correct about that. It is more affordable than Case, but with my scholarship from Case and no scholarship from OSU they are about even. So my decision gets tougher. AHHHH!

Thanks so much for the input!!!

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