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William Patterson?

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So, I completed my WPUNJ application on the exact deadline 2/1/15 through CSDCAS. I understand tha CSDCAS needs to create a GPA for you, but I also understand that apparently your application will be fowarded to WPUNJ w/o having the final GPA calciuated. So, anyone heard from them? Because I have recieved no e-mail, nothing from their speech therapy department, but have recieved emails from the school itself regarding events & facebook page invites.


Thanks, and good luck!


P.S. I even called the school & left a voicemail...no reply. Oy.

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I got an email February 19th saying they are "in receipt of your application to the Master's of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences atWilliam Paterson University.  The admissions committee is beginning to review applications and expects to send out the first round of decisions in early March."  However, my friend that goes there now for speech didn't hear until the last week in April last year.  

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